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Apr 07

When Sharing is Not Caring

Water water everywhere, but not a drop to spare say these 8 states: We’ve always been taught to share. But the eight Great Lakes states have a legal pact that limits the sharing of their most valuable resource: water. Molly Flanagan of the Alliance for the Great Lakes states, “Even though there’s a lot of water …

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Mar 13

Deep Lakes, Deep Thoughts

Pondering the depth of the Great Lakes turns up some surprising revelations. Think on this: If you drop a stone into one of the Great Lakes, how far will it travel before it hits the bottom? The longest journey will be in Lake Superior, where the stone will cruise through the cleanest, clearest, and coldest …

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Jan 27

Lake trout stocking

A fishy tale: In the 1800s, lake trout were abundant in Lake Superior. Then, in the early to mid 1900s… Hansen: “… populations began to decline rapidly.” That’s biologist Michael Hansen. He says overfishing and predatory invaders known as sea lampreys were to blame. By the time an effective way to control lampreys was discovered, …

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May 28

Live, Learn and Love: Runners Circumnavigate Lake Superior

—Kayla Smith, Great Lakes Echo* Three college buddies are packing up a baby stroller and running around Lake Superior. The crew met in 2009 at Northland College in Ashland, Wisconsin. Evan Flom and Allissa Stutte met running on the school’s cross country team. They met Andy Butter, the third member of the team, soon after. …

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