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Oct 23

The Rise and Fall of Lake Levels

Water levels in the Great Lakes fluctuate naturally through the year. Here’s why that matters: The cycle of high and low water levels in the Great Lakes matters to the whole country. Why? Glad you asked! When the water level in the Great Lakes fluctuates, it affects everyone differently—from commercial shippers carrying heavy loads, to lakefront property …

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Sep 21

Possible Harm from Great Lake Fish Farms

Proposals for midwest fish farms have raised concerns . . . Learn more: Off-shore aquaculture – or fish farming – is not allowed in U.S water in the Great Lakes. So when two companies requested permission to begin raising fish in pens in Lake Michigan, there were concerns. “There’s significant risk and unknown environmental impacts that could …

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Aug 03

Don’t Just Visit the Beach, Adopt the Beach!

Taking out the trash on beach at a time . . . Learn more: If you’re lucky enough to visit one of the Great Lakes coastline, you’ll most likely enjoy beautiful vistas and pristine beaches. Jamie Cross is manager of the Alliance for The Great Lakes Adopt-a-Beach Program. She says many of these beaches are …

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Sep 23

Chicago’s 2-in-1 Win Saves Water and Money

Chicagoans now have double the incentive to conserve water, thanks to a voluntary new metering program. Listen up:  When there’s a flat rate for water, it’s easy to overlook how much you use—and therefore easy to inadvertently waste it. So the City of Chicago has a promising new solution up its  sleeve. To give residents …

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Jun 04

Researchers Get Fresh Great Lakes Data From Aboard Beaver Island Ferry

—Josh Bender, Great Lakes Echo* Tourists traveling by ferry between northwest Michigan and Lake Michigan’s Beaver Island will be riding with some groundbreaking cargo this summer. The Beaver Island Boat Co.’s Emerald Isle ferry is fitted with equipment to detect changes in the temperature and chemistry of Lake Michigan, courtesy of researchers from Central Michigan …

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