Apr 07

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When Sharing is Not Caring

Water water everywhere, but not a drop to spare say these 8 states:

We’ve always been taught to share. But the eight Great Lakes states have a legal pact that limits the sharing of their most valuable resource: water.

Molly Flanagan of the Alliance for the Great Lakes states, “Even though there’s a lot of water in the Great Lakes, it’s not a limitless resource. It’s a resource that we depend on in the great lakes region to support our economy and our way of life.”

She says the agreement is called the Great Lakes Compact. It tightly restricts water withdrawals from the Great Lakes basin, and requires the surrounding states to closely monitor their water use.

“The Great Lakes governors really wanted to make sure that it was a resource that was protected for our use today and for future generations,” she says.

Molly Flanagan of the Alliance for the Great Lakes

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Hear Molly Flanagan explain more about why the Great Lakes Compact is needed:

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See speakers passionately explain that the United States and Canada have a common interest to protect the Great Lakes (Via Detroit Public TV).


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