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Dec 05

When Good Driveways Go Bad

Coal-tar sealants may protect your driveway—but they don’t protect water resources. Here’s the dirt: Driveways and parking lots are coated with a sealant to protect them. But the coating needs to be reapplied every two to three years because driving on it grinds it into dust. And that means as dust wears off, any given …

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Dec 04

In Land We Trust

How can protecting the land help protect water resources? Listen up as we count the trusted ways— In a healthy watershed, the water passes through the land, which acts like a natural filter. So to protect water quality, it’s important to protect the land—and land trusts are one way to do it. A binding legal …

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Dec 03

Keyed Up About Clean Water

You may be properly caring for your car—but what about water quality? Listen up as we solve this clean water riddle: What does maintaining your car have to do with ducks in a pond? More than you might think, considering all those suds, chemicals, and oils often go down a storm drain—and end up in …

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Dec 02

“I Brake for Clean Water”

DYK that normal vehicle wear and tear harms water resources? Listen up to learn how cars are a driving force behind polluted water—and how you can help: It’s true that a good hard rainstorm makes everything look shiny and clean. But, unfortunately, equally true is that this same rainfall washes chemicals and debris off roads …

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Nov 29

Fishy Business

How much sustainably caught fish comes out of the Great Lakes each year? We cast around for answers—and caught ’em. Listen up: Throughout history, people have been hooked on fishing the Great Lakes, from Native Americans in birch bark canoes to commercial fishermen in modern boats. A century ago, nearly 150 million pounds of fish were …

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