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May 26

Old Dams Die Hard

Deteriorating dam infrastructure is a “dam” shame. Listen up: Let’s face it: no dam lives forever. Many of the nation’s estimated 75,000 dams have been providing important services like hydropower or irrigation since the early 1900s—and their time for removal or serious repair has come. How do such sturdy structures crumble in the first place? …

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May 25

Mapping Endangered Fish in Illinois

Counting endangered fish is the first step towards protecting and improving their habitats. Dive in: One fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish…research biologist Phillip Willink, PhD, of the Shedd Aquarium is counting endangered and threatened fish. From there to here, from here to there, he’s also mapping their distribution throughout Chicagoland waters. He’s doing …

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May 24

Fast Facts on Arsenic in Water

A naturally occurring chemical is stirring up trouble in water. Listen up: We all know that water is crucial to survival—but what happens when arsenic gets in the picture? Arsenic is a naturally occurring chemical component of many minerals, so it can leach into ground and surface water. The chemical can also enter water supplies …

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May 23

Planting Trees for Tribs

Trees and riverbanks make a great match in the great state of New York. Dig in: A New York state program called Trees for Tribs is behind an effort to plant 30,000 trees along the state’s rivers and streams this year. Statewide coordinator Sarah Walsh says trees and shrubs reduce erosion and stabilize stream banks—preventing …

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May 22

Tee Off at Turtle-friendly Golf Courses

Thoughtful golf course design can make turtles feel at home. Listen up: You may not appreciate water hazards during your game—but for turtles they can be home sweet home. The way a golf course or country club is designed and managed makes a difference. Researchers found that more turtles make use of greenway ponds when …

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