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Jan 27

Lake trout stocking

A fishy tale: In the 1800s, lake trout were abundant in Lake Superior. Then, in the early to mid 1900s… Hansen: “… populations began to decline rapidly.” That’s biologist Michael Hansen. He says overfishing and predatory invaders known as sea lampreys were to blame. By the time an effective way to control lampreys was discovered, …

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Jan 07

Fish Talk

Scientists listen in on a world of underwater sound. Listen up: When Aaron Rice eavesdrops on a conversation, he hears plenty of pops, purrs, clicks and grunts. As Research Associate at the Bioacoustics Research Program at Cornell University, he listens to fish. The sounds usually have something to do with aggression or reproduction – and …

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Jul 16

Ciscoes: A Great Snack for Great Lakes Fish

A middle-of-the-food-web fish: Ciscoes were once abundant in the Great Lakes. But these native fish were depleted by overfishing, invasive species, and pollution. Ellen George, a grad student in the Cornell Department of Natural Resources, wants to see them come back. She says some of the invasive fish that replaced ciscoes in the food chain …

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Jun 06

Shady Characters, Great Lakes Edition: Sea Lampreys

Blood-sucking vampire fish aren’t native to the Great Lakes, and yet…they’re heeeere! Listen up: Sea lampreys, like many a scary-movie villain, attach themselves to other creatures and suck their blood and other body fluids. But instead of showing up on the silver screen, this invasive species is all over the Great Lakes. Discovered in the …

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Sep 23

Vegetarian Fish

Farm-raised fish have typically been fed wild-caught fishmeal, but now a new vegetarian fish food is available. Transcript of the Audio Podcast: A new diet for the farmed fish on your dinner plate …on this CurrentCast. The farm-raised fish found at grocery stores were typically raised on food pellets made from small fish like anchovies. …

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