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Aug 15

EPA App Targets Mobile Algae Forecasting

—Brooke Kansier, Great Lakes Echo* It might not be as addictive as Candy Crush, but a new EPA app could have big implications for water management and the people who drink, swim or fish within the Great Lakes. The yet-unnamed app will detect blooms of cyanobacteria—a photosynthetic microbe often mistaken for algae and responsible for …

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Jun 11

One Robot’s Mission to Clean Up Great Lakes Shorelines

—Morgan Linn, Great Lakes Echo* A robot designed by a maker in Toronto could soon be clearing up trash strewn across shorelines everywhere. Erin Kennedy is the founder of the project to design a robot to collect trash on rough shorelines that would otherwise be difficult to clean up. She used a 3D printer to print …

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Jun 04

Researchers Get Fresh Great Lakes Data From Aboard Beaver Island Ferry

—Josh Bender, Great Lakes Echo* Tourists traveling by ferry between northwest Michigan and Lake Michigan’s Beaver Island will be riding with some groundbreaking cargo this summer. The Beaver Island Boat Co.’s Emerald Isle ferry is fitted with equipment to detect changes in the temperature and chemistry of Lake Michigan, courtesy of researchers from Central Michigan …

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May 28

Live, Learn and Love: Runners Circumnavigate Lake Superior

—Kayla Smith, Great Lakes Echo* Three college buddies are packing up a baby stroller and running around Lake Superior. The crew met in 2009 at Northland College in Ashland, Wisconsin. Evan Flom and Allissa Stutte met running on the school’s cross country team. They met Andy Butter, the third member of the team, soon after. …

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May 21

Deadly Fungus Threatens Salamanders!

—Morgan Linn, Great Lakes Echo* Salamanders, beware. A new threat to your health could be coming to the United States. And one type of salamander found in the Great Lakes region—the Eastern newt—is especially at risk. Batrachochytrium salamandrivorans—Bsal for short—is a fungus that eats away the skin of certain salamanders. It’s found in parts of …

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