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Dec 25

Students Break the Ice

Some students are taking a creative approach to collecting water samples from Saginaw Bay. Listen up: The Kawkawlin River, which empties into Saginaw Bay, has been polluted by excess sediment, nutrients, and even E. Coli from failing septic systems and animal agriculture. David Karpovich of Saginaw Valley State University saw an opportunity for his students …

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Dec 13

Why Didn’t the Fish Cross the Road?

It’s no joke—in many places, fish can’t get to the other side of a road. Listen up for the why and so what: Turns out, fish can’t just go with the flow after all. According to research out of the University of Wisconsin-Madison, more than 1,000 dams and 100,000 road crossings inhibit fish movement in …

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Nov 24

When Teachers Get Hooked on Science

One 7th-grade science teacher is telling his students about the exhilarating week he spent on a research vessel. Get hooked on this: Seventh grade science teacher Scott Krebbeks of central New York says many kids think scientists are always tucked away in labs. But he knows better. Krebbeks and other educators spent a week with …

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Jun 08

Forecasting the Impact of Weatherfish

A tiny eel-like weathercaster? It may sound funny, but researchers are seriously concerned about the long-term impacts of weatherfish. Catch this intel: Chances are a storm is brewing if the weatherfish are all in a flurry. That’s how they react to changes in barometric pressure. But unless you’re a biologist, like Phillip Willink of Shedd …

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May 28

Live, Learn and Love: Runners Circumnavigate Lake Superior

—Kayla Smith, Great Lakes Echo* Three college buddies are packing up a baby stroller and running around Lake Superior. The crew met in 2009 at Northland College in Ashland, Wisconsin. Evan Flom and Allissa Stutte met running on the school’s cross country team. They met Andy Butter, the third member of the team, soon after. …

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