Nov 24

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When Teachers Get Hooked on Science

One 7th-grade science teacher is telling his students about the exhilarating week he spent on a research vessel. Get hooked on this:

(via Scott

Mr. Krebbeks was the coolest teacher in school after his time aboard the Lake Guardian! (via Scott Krebbeks)

Seventh grade science teacher Scott Krebbeks of central New York says many kids think scientists are always tucked away in labs. But he knows better.

Krebbeks and other educators spent a week with scientists aboard the EPA’s Lake Guardian Research Vessel, collecting and testing water samples from Lake Ontario.

He found real life science exhilarating, and that’s the message he took back to his students.

Krebbeks: “Being able to have experiences like the one that I had on the guardian and share firsthand with them the types of things that real scientists actually do, they get excited about it…”

And it might inspire some to dive into a science-based career.

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Listen to Scott Krebbeks describe some of the student science projects his time aboard the Lake Guardian helped him design.

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