Sep 21

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Possible Harm from Great Lake Fish Farms

Proposals for midwest fish farms have raised concerns . . . Learn more:

Aquaculture off the shore of Hawaii (via NOAA)

Off-shore aquaculture – or fish farming – is not allowed in U.S water in the Great Lakes. So when two companies requested permission to begin raising fish in pens in Lake Michigan, there were concerns.

“There’s significant risk and unknown environmental impacts that could result,” says Jennifer McKay with the Tip of the Mitt Watershed Council.

She says fish that escape the pens can become invasive. Fish farms can also lead to the spread of disease. That could harm native species and put the Great Lakes sustainable wild fisheries at risk. So the state of Michigan recently decided aquaculture is off the table – at least for now.

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Jennifer McKay discusses what’s behind the push for aquaculture in the Great Lakes:.

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