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May 14

Wildlife Grants Awarded to Tribes in Michigan, Wisconsin, and Minnesota

—Morgan Linn, Great Lakes Echo* Native American tribes will protect bats from logging and place sturgeon in school aquariums as part of a recent round of federal grants. The Tribal Wildlife grant program was established by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service in 2003. More than $68 million has gone to tribes since then, said …

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May 07

Bacterial Disease Threatens Fish Throughout the Great Lakes

—Eric Freedman, Great Lakes Echo* A bacterial disease in both captively raised and wild fish is imperiling popular salmon species in the Great Lakes Basin, a new study shows. The findings are based on testing lake, brook, brown and rainbow trout and Coho, Atlantic, chinook and steelhead salmon from the Lake Huron, Lake Michigan and …

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Apr 30

Public Perception Divided on Great Lakes Health Trends

—Kayla Smith, Great Lakes Echo* A new poll shows that people are split on whether the environmental health of the Great Lakes is getting better or worse. About 18 percent of the those polled by the International Joint Commission say the lakes are improving. Another 26 percent say they are getting worse and 30 percent …

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Apr 23

Below the Surface: Great Lakes Invaders

—Kevin Duffy, Great Lakes Echo* Some are slimy. Others jump at the sight of humans. But most remain mysterious – cloaked below the water’s surface – and ready to wreak havoc on an unsuspecting ecosystem. They are the Great Lakes aquatic invaders. “We have a role in preventing their spread,” said Bill Rapai, author of …

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Apr 16

Lake Erie’s Dangerous Flame Retardant Problem

—Morgan Linn, Great Lakes Echo* Levels of hazardous flame retardants in most Great Lakes fish are declining—or at least researchers thought they were. But a new study shows that this isn’t the case for Lake Erie smallmouth bass, an important game fish. And the contaminated fish threatens the health of some of those who eat them. …

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