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Sep 12

Lake Erie’s Got the Algal Bloom Blues

This Great Lake has a problem that’s blooming out of control. Jam on this: Lake Erie touches upon Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, and Canada, and provides drinking water to more than 11 million people. But phosphorus from fertilizer and sewage has increased cyanobacteria in the lake. Often called blue-green algae, it can produce toxic …

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Mar 29

Too Much of a Good Green Thing

Nutrients are essential to life—in moderation. Good thing cities and states are committing to reducing runoff. Listen up: Phosphorus in fertilizers is a wonder for plant growth—but not so much for clean water. When it runs off the land and into our waterways, phosphorus can cause algal blooms that lead to beach closures and contaminated …

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Aug 15

EPA App Targets Mobile Algae Forecasting

—Brooke Kansier, Great Lakes Echo* It might not be as addictive as Candy Crush, but a new EPA app could have big implications for water management and the people who drink, swim or fish within the Great Lakes. The yet-unnamed app will detect blooms of cyanobacteria—a photosynthetic microbe often mistaken for algae and responsible for …

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