Jul 16

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Ciscoes: A Great Snack for Great Lakes Fish

A middle-of-the-food-web fish:

Ellen George with cisco (via E. George)

Ciscoes were once abundant in the Great Lakes. But these native fish were depleted by overfishing, invasive species, and pollution.

Ellen George, a grad student in the Cornell Department of Natural Resources, wants to see them come back. She says some of the invasive fish that replaced ciscoes in the food chain are…

George: “…Really high in an enzyme called thiaminase which breaks down vitamin b-one or thiamine in the bodies of lake trout and atlantic salmon and other big fish…”

…and can lead to reproductive failure. But ciscoes are low in thiaminase.

George: “so they’re a much healthier snack food item for these salmon and trout than invasive species are.”

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Listen to Ellen George explain why it’s important to bring ciscoes back:

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