Sep 23

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Vegetarian Fish

Farm-raised fish have typically been fed wild-caught fishmeal,
but now a new vegetarian fish food is available.

Image credit: Phu Thinh Co

Transcript of the Audio Podcast:

A new diet for the farmed fish on your dinner plate …on this CurrentCast.

The farm-raised fish found at grocery stores were typically raised on food pellets made from small fish like anchovies. To meet the increasing demand for fishmeal, millions of tons of these small fish are removed from the ocean each year.

Barrows: “We can make fishmeal free diets. We’ve proven that we can do that with eight different species now.”

That’s USDA fish nutritionist, Rick Barrows. He and his team have developed an alternative fish food based on barley protein concentrate.

Barrows hopes this vegetarian fish food will move into wide scale production soon – significantly reducing the amount of fish taken from the ocean each year.

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