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Sep 14

Pennsylvania Rivers Painted a Rusty Orange

Why are so many of Pennsylvania’s streams orange? Find out:   Thousands of miles of Pennsylvania’s waterways are painted a rusty orange color. The artist? Acid mine drainage. John Arway of the PA Fish and Boat Commission states “Acid mine drainage is a very insidious pollution problem, and it persists for a very, very long time.” …

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Feb 15

Causes of Erosion

Eroding Great Lakes shorelines… learn more: The Great Lakes coastal shorelines are eroding. “Sometimes it’s slow and you might not even be thinking about it, and other times it can be a very rapid and scary,” Michael Mohr of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. He says ice, wind, and waves cause erosion…but storms can really …

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Feb 02

Pittsburgh Banks on Riverfront Trees

The Steel City gets a green (and pink and purple) makeover: Steel City waterways are getting cleaner and more scenic thanks to new trees… more than 25,000 have been planted in the city since 2008. Called ‘Treevitalize Pittsburgh,’ the initiative provides shade and helps protect water by reducing polluted runoff. According to Jeffrey Bergman of …

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Jan 31

Salty Roads, Salty Rivers

We’re getting a bit salty in this episode… listen up! Salt helps keep winter roads safe. But when snow melts, the salt runs off pavement and can end up in waterways. John Jackson is with the Stroud Water Research Center in Pennsylvania. In the lab, he’s studied the toxicity of salt on mayflies – a …

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