Feb 15

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Causes of Erosion

Eroding Great Lakes shorelines… learn more:

Erosion on Lake Erie, east of Vermillion, Ohio (via The Army Corps or Engineers).

The Great Lakes coastal shorelines are eroding.

“Sometimes it’s slow and you might not even be thinking about it, and other times it can be a very rapid and scary,” Michael Mohr of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

He says ice, wind, and waves cause erosion…but storms can really speed things up.

“And the storm intensity and its duration affects how much erosion can occur,” says Mohr.

The effects are costly: shrinking land, homes at risk, and decreased property values.

Shoreline development can compound and accelerate the problem. So it’s important for coastal areas to consider erosion during planning.

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Michael Mohr explains how the water levels of the Great Lakes affects the waves that cause erosion:

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Watch a segment on how to protect Great Lakes shore property on WWNY TV 7(via New York Sea Grant):

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