Feb 02

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Pittsburgh Banks on Riverfront Trees

The Steel City gets a green (and pink and purple) makeover:

Treevitalize volunteers demonstrating tree planting (via Western Pennsylvania Conservancy).

Steel City waterways are getting cleaner and more scenic thanks to new trees… more than 25,000 have been planted in the city since 2008.

Called ‘Treevitalize Pittsburgh,’ the initiative provides shade and helps protect water by reducing polluted runoff.

According to Jeffrey Bergman of the Western Pennsylvania Conservancy and director of the program,  “Trees can be very effective at helping to intercept and absorb excess storm water.”

He says they’re now planting flowering trees along the riverfront. Called ‘The Redbud Project,’ it will create a burst of pink and purple each spring – and bring a rosier outlook for Pittsburgh rivers.

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What is the role of trees in solving some of Pittsburgh’s environmental issues? Hear Jeffrey Bergman discuss:

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Watch Treevitalize program director discuss the program and celebrate their 15,000th planted tree (via Western Pennsylvania Conservancy):

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