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Sep 03

Climate change in the Great Lakes

Warmer temperatures, extreme rainfall followed by periods of prolonged drought… “Those are just some of the tips of the climate change iceberg, and we’re already seeing those impacts,” according to Jane Elder of the Great Lakes Water Quality Board. Her group advises the International Joint Commission, the bi-national body that manages the Great Lakes. Local leaders …

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Jul 25

Too Much and Not Enough Water

Climate change is expected to deal multiple blows to water resources in New York. Drink in this: In the coming years, climate change will deal multiple blows to water resources in New York state. Horton: “We expect more heavy rain events in the future, and that can have very negative impacts on water quality.” That’s …

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Nov 26

Wetlands, Extreme Rain, and Climate Change

Wetlands slow and absorb water, making them critical for flood control as extreme weather becomes more common. Slow down and absorb this: Wetlands were once seen as boggy, buggy swamps with no value. Many were filled in and paved over to make room for new development. William Coon, a hydrologist with the US Geological Survey, …

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Nov 21

Surprising Pollutant: Gassy Stream Bubbles

Gassy bubbles in freshwater streams are natural, lovely, and—wait for it—may also be contributing to climate change. Listen up: When it comes to greenhouse gas emissions, human activities are the largest source of methane, but there are also natural culprits—and new research suggests they include streams. Methane is a byproduct of bacteria that live in …

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Jan 05

Water in the Bank

If water were currency, glaciers and snowpack would be savings accounts. Transcript of the Audio Podcast: Glaciers and snowpack are water in the bank… on this CurrentCast. Imagine water is currency. Rain is like having cash in your pocket, and it comes and goes. But snowpack is our banking equivalent of a checking account, accumulating …

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