Apr 22

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Climate Woes in Pennsylvania Waterways

Climate change is bringing warmer, wetter weather to the Keystone State.


Researchers like Chaopeng Shen are studying the effects of climate change on Pennsylvania’s waterways. (via Chaopeng Shen)

Shen: “If we were to summarize the changes that Pennsylvania is facing in two words, that would be warmer and wetter.”

Chaopeng Shen of Penn State says climate change affects fresh water, in part because unusually warm weather helps foster algal blooms that can contaminate water resources.

More heavy rain events also mean higher river flows, which can lead to flooding, erosion – and ultimately water pollution.

But Shen says the Keystone State can minimize the damage. By installing green infrastructure such as grassy swales to absorb stormwater, Pennsylvania can reduce runoff… and help its waterways withstand the effects of climate change.

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  • For more details about the effects of climate change in Pennsylvania, read this assessment by ENRI
  • To learn more about Pennsylvania’s plans to combat climate change, check out the PA DCNR website

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