Jan 23

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Too Much and Not Enough Water

Climate change is expected to deal multiple blows to water resources in New York. Drink in this:

(via NY DEC)

Heavy rain can lead to heavy flooding, and thus heavy pollution. (via NY DEC)

In the coming years, climate change will deal multiple blows to water resources in New York state.

Horton: “We expect more heavy rain events in the future, and that can have very negative impacts on water quality.”

That’s Radley Horton, a climate scientist at Columbia University. He says that heavy rain can cause sediment and pollutants such as farm waste and pesticides to run off into waterways.

At the same time, rising temperatures will cause more moisture to evaporate from the soil – leaving it dry and creating a greater need to irrigate – despite the heavy rain events.

So even though the state has abundant rivers and lakes, New York’s water resources are not immune to the effects of climate change.

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Listen to Radley Horton talk about the effects of climate change on the summers and winters in the Great Lakes region.

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