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Oct 11

From Farms to Feathers

Reclaimed wetlands bring back native plants, animals, and rare birds for the eco-win. Listen up: Fifteen years ago, the non-profit Wetlands Initiative bought 3,000 acres of former wetland in Illinois. The land had been drained and used to grow crops for more than a century. But once they began letting the water back onto the …

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Sep 27

Yardwork Is for the Birds

Landscaping with native plants is a win for birds and water quality alike. Listen up, peeps: Think yardwork is for the birds? You could be right—depending on what’s growing. Plants have evolved over time to thrive in their native region. The temperature, rainfall, even nutrients in the soil are exactly what they need. Indian grass, …

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Sep 25

A Bird’s-Eye View of Grassland Restoration

Protecting grasslands helps protect our feathered friends and water quality in one fell swoop—listen up: What’s the bird’s-eye take on grasslands? From bobolinks and northern harriers to some sparrows, many birds rely on grasslands for food and habitat. But a grassland also delivers another ecosystem benefit—it absorbs water when it rains. To learn more, CurrentCast …

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Dec 31

Migrating Birds Miss the Water

California’s drought has dried up wetlands, putting migratory birds at risk. Transcript of the Audio Podcast: California’s drought takes a toll on migrating birds… on this CurrentCast. Each winter, the skies over California’s Central Valley fill with birds. Frisk: “Northern pintail, mallards, gadwall, pacific whitefront geese, Ross’s geese, snow geese. Also sandhill cranes and tundra …

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Nov 10

Great Salt Lake and Migratory Birds

More than two million birds visit the Great Salt Lake each year. Transcript of the Audio Podcast: The Great Salt Lake: a travel destination for birds… on this CurrentCast. The water in the Great Salt Lake is too salty for all but a few highly specialized species, including bacteria, algae, brine shrimp and brine flies. …

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