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Apr 14

The wisdom in the adage ‘everything in moderation’

If you walk alongside a river, you might notice long strands of algae called Cladophora. Marc Peipoch of the Stroud Water Research Center says this type of algae plays an important role in streams. “Other small algae can take use of it and grow on top of the Cladophora or some insects will have some …

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Feb 25

The Good Guys of the Algae World

In a stagnant pond, you may see what looks like matted, green hair floating in the water. But it’s not a swamp monster. It’s filamentous green algae. Piotrowski: “People typically go, ‘EW!’ but the truth is that they’re totally benign. They don’t produce toxins. They’re incredibly beneficial because they’re reducing nutrients in the water.” Michael …

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Jun 07

For Pet’s Sake – Avoid the Algae

Not all algae is harmful, but it’s hard to know which is which. Listen up: Too many nutrients in lakes and ponds can cause algae to grow out of control, producing harmful algal blooms. Some unleash toxins that threaten our health…and our animals’ too. When ingested, touched, or even inhaled, they can make your pet …

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Jan 04

Minnesota Phosphorus Ban

Minnesota laid down the law on phosphorus: Plants need phosphorus to grow. But if there’s more than the plants can use, it can wash off lawns into waterways. Then mucky algae builds up. So, in 2004, the state of Minnesota began restricting the use of phosphorus lawn fertilizers. To buy any, you must have a …

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Jul 31

Get the Scoop on Too Much Poop

Cow manure in our water is a growing concern. . . Learn more: Farmers that raise livestock end up with a lot of manure, which they often spread on their fields as fertilizer. But in some cases, there’s just too much manure. “There’s so much built up on the ground that it runs off the surface, and …

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