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Feb 04

Fast Facts on Arsenic in Water

A naturally occurring chemical is stirring up trouble in water. Listen up: We all know that water is crucial to survival—but what happens when arsenic gets in the picture? Arsenic is a naturally occurring chemical component of many minerals, so it can leach into ground and surface water. The chemical can also enter water supplies …

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Jan 09

What Goes In Must Come Out

Drinking wastewater isn’t as far-fetched as you might think. Question is, just how much of the “waste” part can be removed at the treatment plant? Listen up: < Like the old saying goes, what goes in must come out. How does that apply to our wastewater, you ask? “There are plenty of communities that get …

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Jun 07

For Pet’s Sake – Avoid the Algae

Not all algae is harmful, but it’s hard to know which is which. Listen up: Too many nutrients in lakes and ponds can cause algae to grow out of control, producing harmful algal blooms. Some unleash toxins that threaten our health…and our animals’ too. When ingested, touched, or even inhaled, they can make your pet …

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Apr 02

Antibacterial Soaps: More Harm Than Help?

—Tong Xu, Great Lakes Echo* Washing your hands with antibacterial hand soaps probably protects you from bacterial infections. But when that soap gets washed down the drain to the waters of the Great Lakes, the harm may outweigh its benefit. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) reports that many consumer products, including antibacterial soaps, contain triclosan. …

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Feb 22

Get the Lead Out

Old plumbing can leach lead into tap water, leading to health risks. Learn how to protect yourself.   Transcript of the Audio Podcast: Steps you can take to get the lead out of your tap water… on this CurrentCast. In homes with decades-old plumbing systems, lead can leach into water from failing or corroded pipes. …

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