Feb 25

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The Good Guys of the Algae World

Filamentous green algae, via Missouri Department of Conservation

In a stagnant pond, you may see what looks like matted, green hair floating in the water. But it’s not a swamp monster. It’s filamentous green algae.

Piotrowski: “People typically go, ‘EW!’ but the truth is that they’re totally benign. They don’t produce toxins. They’re incredibly beneficial because they’re reducing nutrients in the water.”

Michael Piotrowski of the University of Wisconsin Madison says if the algae die, the nutrients go back in the water. That can fuel the growth of toxic algae blooms. So he says to get rid of unsightly filamentous algae…

Piotrowski: “Physically rake it out, scoop it up, whatever…”

In the process, you’ll help keep excess nutrients out of the water, too.


Hear Michael Piotrowski describe the benefits of filamentous algae:

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