May 13

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On the Road to Cleaner Water

Close up view of polluted water on the Ohio River near Pittsburgh (via John L. Alexandrowicz)

When you set out on a road trip, the first thing you do is find your starting point on a map and set a destination.

Watershed groups use a similar approach for restoration projects. First, they establish a starting point: how bad is the pollution and what’s causing it?

Then, they set a destination using what’s called a Total Maximum Daily Load – or TMDL.

Bill Brown of the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection says a TMDL outlines how much pollution the waterway can handle and still meet clean water goals.

Brown explains “TMDL’s serve as planning tools that provide the target and give some insight into the major pollutant sources.”

…helping answer the question – ‘are we there yet?

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Bill Brown of the Pennsylvania DEP how TMDL’s facilitate water restoration in PA.

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Explanation of what TMDLs are and how they are determined (via Minnesota River Expert):

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