May 20

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Great Lakes, Great Magic

There’s a magical, rich resource right in America’s backyard—listen up, Great Lakes lovers:

It’s no illusion that the Great Lakes are awesome.

Lake Michigan shadows at sunset

Magic moments are standard fare along the shore of any Great Lake. (D. Simmons)

Anthropologist Loren Eiseley wrote, “If there is magic on this planet, it’s contained in water.” If so, the Great Lakes are among the most magical places on earth. They hold six quadrillion gallons of fresh water, or one-fifth of the earth’s surface freshwater.

That translates to drinking water for 40 million people, habitat for fish and other wildlife, and stopover sites for millions of migrating birds. The lakes help keep the economy afloat, too, by supporting agriculture, industry, shipping, fishing, recreation and tourism.

But here’s the thing: All that human activity can take a toll on water resources. So cheers to the many individuals and groups working across the region to protect and restore the Great Lakes—and keep all that magic alive.

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