May 15

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Clean, Drain, and Dry

Boaters can help turn away unwanted hitchhikers. Here’s how:

Aquatic plants are removed from a watercraft before leaving the launch site (via NYSDEC).

Invasive plants and animals can wreak havoc on waterways, from making a shoreline less able to withstand flooding to harming fish.

Boaters can help stop the spread of aquatic invasive species by cleaning plants and mud off their boats; then they should drain and dry out before moving to a new body of water.

Cathy McGlynn of the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, says it’s important for large and small boats.

She says  “Kayaks and canoes can access back country areas via portage trails, and they would pose a threat to the pristine lakes, ponds, and rivers in those areas.”

So remember – clean, drain, and dry to protect our waters.

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Hear Cathy McGlynn discuss the potential impact hitchhiking invasive species can have.

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Watch an instructional video on the proper way to clean your boat to prevent aquatic hitchhikers (via New York Sea Grant):

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