Jan 16

From Vacant Lot to Rain Garden Plot

Why settle for a flood-prone eyesore, when you could instead turn that empty lot into a park-like urban oasis? Listen up: Syracuse, New York had a problem. Heavy rain events were overwhelming the water treatment system and shooting a mix of stormwater and sewage into a nearby lake that supplies the city’s drinking water. But …

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Jan 15

Less Is Still More When It Comes to Biofuel

Crop-based biofuels burn cleaner than gasoline—but there’s a hitch. Listen up for the water-guzzling scoop: Everything you’ve heard is true: Compared with fossil fuels, burning biofuels releases fewer greenhouse gases. But what you might not know is that producing the cleaner-burning fuel also requires a lot of water. Take corn-based ethanol, for example, which is …

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Jan 14

Better Ditches, Clean Water Riches

It’s time to ditch the notion that all ditches are created equal. With a few smart improvements, a roadside ditch can lead to cleaner water. Listen up: Here’s the new and improved job description for the ubiquitous ditch: A thoughtfully engineered ditch reduces flooding and water pollution, contributing to cleaner waterways everywhere. The opportunity for …

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Jan 11

Got WaterSense? Handy Labels Make Sure You Do.

Sometimes labels are a good thing—like when they certify products that use water efficiently and also work really well. Listen up: The EPA wants to help more people go with the water conservation flow. After all, with water shortages plaguing much of the U.S., it’s becoming clear that we must use less to flush, brush, …

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Jan 10

Ode to the Mighty Mississippi

One massive river—full of scenic wonder, cultural import, and a bounty of positive environmental impacts. Jump in: You wanna talk epic? The Mississippi River, all 2,340 meandering miles of it, is the second longest river in the U.S. and flows through ten states. If that doesn’t sound splashy enough, consider this: Its watershed is the …

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