Feb 23

Save the Sewers, Catch Some Rain

A growing network of rain gardens . . . Learn more: A group of non-profits are mobilizing volunteers to install rain gardens in residential neighborhoods in Detroit. These specially designed gardens trap water before it can overwhelm the sewer system, and keep it from running across surfaces where it could pick up pollution and carry it …

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Feb 22

Possible Harm from Great Lake Fish Farms

Proposals for midwest fish farms have raised concerns . . . Learn more: Off-shore aquaculture – or fish farming – is not allowed in U.S water in the Great Lakes. So when two companies requested permission to begin raising fish in pens in Lake Michigan, there were concerns. “There’s significant risk and unknown environmental impacts that could …

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Feb 21

Reducing Water Pollution One Field at a Time

Reducing runoff – one field at a time . . . Learn more: To keep agricultural runoff from polluting waterways, farmers can plant cover crops and use no-till farming. It used to be difficult and expensive to figure out which fields need these approaches the most. But Jon Winsten of the non-profit Winrock International says now …

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Feb 20

Chomp On Some Gar Knowledge

Get hooked on this charismatic fish . . . Learn more: Fisherman Olaf Nelson of Brookfield, Illinois is hooked on alligator gar. He calls them a charismatic fish. “They’re heavily armored. They have more teeth than just about any other kind of fish you’re going to encounter…,” says Nelson. For a long time, people wrongly assumed …

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Feb 19

Not All Engineers Work In An Office

Build up knowledge on nature’s engineers  . . . Learn more: “Before European colonization, beavers would have been ubiquitous across the northern United States Great Lakes region,” explains Melinda Daniels of the Stroud Water Research Center in Pennsylvania. She says in developed areas, beaver dams can be a nuisance, “but if there’s room, beavers are …

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