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Aug 10

Water awareness through art

If you walk through Milwaukee, you may not notice if you pass a water cistern or cross a watershed boundary. But that may soon change, thanks to a project called ‘Watermarks.’ “It’s a series of physical markers that will serve as these marking points for where conversations around water can begin,” says project designer Aaron Asis. …

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Jul 31

Breakwalls do more than protect harbors from waves

In the Milwaukee Harbor, a 500 foot section of breakwall has been re-designed to support fish. It’s made of huge boulders that fish can hide between. Then it’s covered by a layer of smaller rocks that create habitat for prey. John Janssen of the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee studies life on this breakwall. He’s found …

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Jul 25

Mapping What Lies Beneath

The city of Milwaukee is working to transform its industrial harbor into a bustling waterfront district that attracts anglers, boaters, and wildlife lovers. “But not a lot of people know exactly what’s going on underneath the water,” says Brennan Dow. While a graduate student at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Dow was part of a project working …

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Jun 27

A Green Makeover in Milwaukee

A green facelift for an aging parking lot: The parking lot for the Milwaukee County War Memorial Center sits right up against Lake Michigan… Peschel: “It doesn’t drain very well and the water that runs off of that parking lot runs directly into Lake Michigan without any type of treatment.” That’s environmental engineer Robert Peschel …

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Jun 25

Senior Water Advocacy Network

The golden years of water advocacy: A program in Milwaukee helps seniors become advocates for the city’s rivers and Lake Michigan. Gray: “Some of them have time on their hands and are interested in learning more about issues and getting more involved as advocates for natural resources.” Dan Gray is with the Milwaukee Riverkeeper’s Senior …

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