Jan 28

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A Green Makeover in Milwaukee

A green facelift for an aging parking lot:

via Dasparag / Wikimedia Commons

The parking lot for the Milwaukee County War Memorial Center sits right up against Lake Michigan…

Peschel: “It doesn’t drain very well and the water that runs off of that parking lot runs directly into Lake Michigan without any type of treatment.”

That’s environmental engineer Robert Peschel of the Sigma Group, who helped develop a plan to address the problem. He says the project includes installing porous pavement in the parking lot …

Peschel: “…and adding a large green infrastructure buffer area between the parking lot and the shoreline…”

…to slow and filter any runoff. The spruced-up parking lot and new green space are part of a larger makeover for Milwaukee’s shoreline.

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Listen to Robert Peschel describe some of the new parking lot’s green features:

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