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Jan 18

Dams: They Cut Both Ways

Dams can benefit society—and harm river ecosystems. Listen up for why it’s important to balance the good with the bad: Dams can create a reservoir to hold water, protect areas from floods, or generate clean electricity. All good, right? But wait, there’s more: A dam also physically blocks migrating fish and changes the overall biology …

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Jul 19

Water Power: The Good, the Bad, and the Bubbly

Hydropower is one of the cleaner energy options, but that doesn’t make it perfect. Wade into this: Rushing, cascading water doesn’t just power epic rafting trips—fast-flowing water also creates hydropower. It goes something like this: A dam is built in a river, holding back the water to form a reservoir. When released, the force of …

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Dec 24

Baltimore Waterwheel

This new device scoops trash out of the harbor so it can be sent to a waste energy plant.   Transcript of the Audio Podcast: A spinning solution to litter in our waterways… on this CurrentCast. Baltimore’s busy Inner Harbor has been used – and abused – for decades. But a new waterwheel is helping …

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