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Feb 12

Water Power: The Good, the Bad, and the Bubbly

Hydropower is one of the cleaner energy options, but that doesn’t make it perfect. Wade into this: Rushing, cascading water doesn’t just power epic rafting trips—fast-flowing water also creates hydropower. It goes something like this: A dam is built in a river, holding back the water to form a reservoir. When released, the force of …

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Feb 10

Less Is Still More When It Comes to Biofuel

Crop-based biofuels burn cleaner than gasoline—but there’s a hitch. Listen up for the water-guzzling scoop: Everything you’ve heard is true: Compared with fossil fuels, burning biofuels releases fewer greenhouse gases. But what you might not know is that producing the cleaner-burning fuel also requires a lot of water. Take corn-based ethanol, for example, which is …

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Feb 03

Protecting birds on the ground and in the air

The western Lake Erie basin is an important stopover site for migrating songbirds… and that means development in the region can impact our feathered friends. Shieldcastle: “It’s a constant vigilance and concern. For birds, not only is the habitat a concern, but you know structures.” That’s Mark Shieldcastle of the Black Swamp Bird Observatory in …

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Oct 19

Balancing Water and Energy Needs

Water and energy needs are inextricably linked. Transcript of the Audio Podcast: Balancing water and energy needs… on this CurrentCast. Vast amounts of energy are used to treat and transport water. At the same time, water is integral to the production of energy. Buono: “They are inextricably linked, and without one, we cannot have the …

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Oct 07

Seaweed Into Biofuel

Seaweed may be an efficient source of biofuel. Transcript of the Audio Podcast: Turning seaweed into biofuel… on this CurrentCast. Biofuel is an appealing clean energy source because it can be used with modern vehicles and is carbon neutral. But concerns about using corn and soybean crops for biofuel instead of food have prompted researchers …

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