Dec 24

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Baltimore Waterwheel

This new device scoops trash out of the harbor
so it can be sent to a waste energy plant.


Photo courtesy Healthy Harbor

Transcript of the Audio Podcast:

A spinning solution to litter in our waterways… on this CurrentCast.

Baltimore’s busy Inner Harbor has been used – and abused – for decades. But a new waterwheel is helping turn things around.

As it spins, the device picks up floating trash, sends it down a conveyor belt, and drops it in a dumpster so it can be hauled away to a waste energy plant.

Adam Lindquist, Project Manager for the Waterfront Partnership of Baltimore, says when the current is too weak, solar panels turn the wheel.

Lindquist: “So the waterwheel is a completely self-sustaining piece of technology in that it uses hydropower and solar power to run its operations.”

In three and a half months, the wheel removed more than a hundred tons of trash. As a result, the harbor is taking a turn for the better.

Adam Lindquist, Healthy Harbor Manager

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