Feb 22

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Get the Lead Out

Old plumbing can leach lead into tap water, leading to health risks.
Learn how to protect yourself.


photo credit: Joe Cheng

Transcript of the Audio Podcast:

Steps you can take to get the lead out of your tap water… on this CurrentCast.

In homes with decades-old plumbing systems, lead can leach into water from failing or corroded pipes. At levels potentially present in drinking water, lead is tasteless and odorless, so you will not detect it on your own.

To protect your health, if you have old plumbing, collect the water that first comes out of the tap for things like watering plants. That’s the water that’s been sitting in the pipes. Then, fill and store several containers in the fridge to drink later. Cook with cold tap water, too, since hot is more likely to pick up lead.

Even if you follow these tips, the safest route is to have your water tested, and consult a professional. If the lead levels are high, you’ll likely need to install a filter and potentially replace aging pipes.

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