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Mar 11

The Downlow on High Tech Farming

Farmers are getting smarter with smart technology that advances water and fertilizer strategy. Dig it: GPS tracking, drones, and other remote sensing devices aren’t just for techies—they’re all increasingly being used on large-scale farms to measure factors like soil moisture and nutrient levels. The practice, known as precision agriculture, allows farmers to fine-tune watering and …

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Dec 26

Ditch Switch – When Two Really Is Better Than One

Not all ditches are created equal! Ditches with two tiers can help prevent erosion and flooding, which is awesome. Listen up: Most farms need ditches to keep soil drained and crops thriving—but conventional tactics can lead to erosion, pollution, and flooding downstream. Enter two-stage ditches. These ditches include a deep trench flanked by flat, vegetated …

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Nov 11

Farmers Reduce Water Use

There are a variety of ways that farmers can cut back on their water use. Transcript of the Audio Podcast: Planting the seeds for water conservation… on this CurrentCast. In light of California’s drought, water conservation is critical. So David Runsten of the Community Alliance with Family Farmers in Davis, California helps farmers find new …

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