Nov 11

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Farmers Reduce Water Use

There are a variety of ways that
farmers can cut back on their water use.

Photo credit: USDA NRCS

Transcript of the Audio Podcast:

Planting the seeds for water conservation… on this CurrentCast.

In light of California’s drought, water conservation is critical. So David Runsten of the Community Alliance with Family Farmers in Davis, California helps farmers find new ways to cut back.

Runsten’s recommendations are crop and location specific. But examples include monitoring soil moisture to optimize watering; switching from flood-based to drip irrigation; no-till farming, and adding compost to help the soil retain water.

Runsten: “We need people to go out and work with the farmers. They don’t necessarily know what these different techniques consist of. So it just requires a lot of workshops and on-farm demonstrations.”

Photo credit: USDA NRCS

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