Dec 25

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Planting Trees for Tribs

Trees and riverbanks make a great match in the great state of New York. Dig in:


Planting trees makes the Earth and people happy! (via NYDEC)

A New York state program called Trees for Tribs is behind an effort to plant 30,000 trees along the state’s rivers and streams this year.

Statewide coordinator Sarah Walsh says trees and shrubs reduce erosion and stabilize stream banks—preventing sediment from entering the water.

As the trees mature, they also provide a habitat for birds and other wildlife, and shade the streams to keep them cool.

“Replanting streams is very important, especially in the midst of climate change,” Walsh adds. “As we see temperatures begin to rise, we start to see major storm events, replanting these waterways helps to cool those streams and make them more resilient to these changes.”

So Trees for Tribs is a dream for our streams.

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