Dec 18

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Unity Island

A pond of dreams:

via Andrew Kornacki/USACE

Unity Island sits in the Niagara River in Buffalo, New York. At its northern tip is a manmade deep water pond.

Ecologist Andrew Hannes is with the Army Corps of Engineers. He says the area does not support wildlife. But that’s about to change, thanks to a restoration project that will turn the pond into a coastal wetland habitat. The project includes removing invasive species, like purple loosestrife and mugwort, and filling the pond with fifty-thousand cubic yards of clean sediment.

Hannes: “And then, starting next spring we’re going to get in there and plant it with native wetland vegetation.

He expects to see plenty of amphibians, turtles, frogs and birds enjoying their lush new digs. After all…

Hannes: “Once you build it, they will come.”

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