Jan 03

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We’ve Got Spirit, Yes We Do – for Saving Water!

Didja hear the one about the wolf who helped college students save water? We did—and it’s good. Listen up:

Water-saving goody bags (via Loyola University Chicago)

One wolf, one mission to unite a campus community around water conservation. Loyola University’s school mascot, Lu wolf, gave some teeth to the theory that group identity (social science speak for a shared sense of belonging) can encourage eco-friendly behavior.

Researcher Kala Melchiori says some residence halls were exposed to a water-saving campaign that showcased the wolf and other campus celebrities.

The goal was to link more sustainable behavior to school pride—“…really making the connections to the Loyola community in our educational campaign materials,” she explains.

The results? Residence halls exposed to the identity-building messages led the pack in water conservation—using 31 percent less than they had the previous semester, and showing researchers that the technique could be useful in other settings, too.

Go team.

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