Apr 06

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Greener Gardens for the Win

Wanna nip gardening pollution in the bud? For tips on growing a truly green garden—listen up:

If you grow your own flowers and vegetables, you’re probably eager to dig in already. But give yourself a moment to consider that how you garden affects water quality—especially when the fertilizers and chemicals enter storm drains or groundwater and end up in our rivers, lakes, and streams.

Coneflowers: Good roots,

Native plants: pleasing on the eye—and on our waterways. (via Pixabay)

So, for a truly green thumb, think ahead. Plant and fertilize at the right time of day and year. Test your soil, and don’t apply any more nutrients or water than your plants need. Plant native species that are better suited to the conditions in your area, apply mulch to hold in moisture, and collect rain to water your plants.

By reducing water and fertilizer use, you can grow your plants and cultivate clean water.

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