Jul 22

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The Lawn Ranger Says, “Don’t Overwater, Kids!”

Heigh ho, lawns need less water than most people know! Listen up for some water-saving heroics:

Less is more—especially when it comes to watering lawns… (via S. Jones)

Your lawn may look like as dry and thirsty as the Old West—but it probably needs less water than you think.

Turns out, most grass grows best with about one inch of water every seven to ten days, and that includes rainfall. Too much more than that can lead to roots that are short, weak, and prone to disease and insect damage.

And when lawns are too wet, roots stay close to the surface instead of growing deep into the earth in search of moisture.

On the other hand, when grass has the right amount of water, the roots grow longer and stronger, and help lawns survive during periods of drought.

So do yourself, your yard, and the environment a favor—try a little tough love and don’t over-water. Your lawn will thrive, you won’t waste water, and you’ll owe a whole lot less on your water bill.

Get schooled:

  • Watch and learn as a master gardener busts common lawn myths
  • Try the SJ River Authority’s Tuna Tin Test to find out if you’re overwatering your lawn

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