Feb 20

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Chomp On Some Gar Knowledge

Get hooked on this charismatic fish . . . Learn more:

Photo credit: Olaf Nelson

Fisherman Olaf Nelson of Brookfield, Illinois is hooked on alligator gar. He calls them a charismatic fish.

“They’re heavily armored. They have more teeth than just about any other kind of fish you’re going to encounter…,” says Nelson.

For a long time, people wrongly assumed gar endanger game fish, and tried to eradicate them. In the nineties, the alligator gar was declared extinct in Illinois.

But these big, native fish have been reintroduced. And in 2013, Nelson became the first to catch an alligator gar in Illinois since the sixties.

Recently, the state legislature adopted a resolution urging the department of natural resources to restock and protect gar. This gives teeth to alligator gar conservation efforts in Illinois.

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Listen to Olaf Nelson talk about the misconceptions of alligator gar.

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Spend some time with this television documentary written/directed by Betty Wills.


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