Apr 18

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How to Win at Clean Boating

Boaters, you can rock the boat in an entirely awesome way when it comes to keeping waterways clean. Listen up: 

Motorboat, motorboat, go so clean… (via T. Mills, USFWS)

Are you one of the more than 80 million adults in the U.S. who take to the water each year in a boat, canoe, or kayak? Then catch this drift: Almost three hundred thousand miles of waterways don’t meet state water quality goals. Blech.

Good news is, cool boaters like you can make a difference by following a few simple tips:

  • Prevent oily discharge from the bilge by placing an oil absorbent under the engine,
  • Spill proof your oil changes and refuel slowly, leaving room for fuel expansion,
  • Manage your sewage waste properly, and
  • Never throw trash overboard!

Pro tip: Before you put anything in the water, imagine yourself swimming in it, first. That’s serious inspiration to choose clean and healthy waterways if we ever heard it!

Get schooled:

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