Feb 10

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Cool Mayors Put Aside Politics to Protect the Great Lakes

Politics, schmolotics: Canadian and U.S. mayors work across the aisle for clean water—listen up:

Cities vote yes to teaming up for the Great Lakes

Dave Ullrich of GLSL stands at waterfront

Thumbs up to David Ullrich, who rallies mayors across the region to help restore waterways just like this one. (GLSL)

The art of compromise is alive and well, at least for the mayors who have come together as part of the Great Lakes and Saint Lawrence Cities Initiative. CurrentCast caught up with David Ullrich, executive director of the Initiative, to learn more about the binational coalition’s work and impact.

“What we have here in the Great Lakes basin and the St. Lawrence is probably one of the most valuable treasures on the planet,” he comments. “We have a responsibility to protect that.”

Pointing out that more than 40 million people depend on the Great Lakes for water, Ullrich explains that mayors from more than 100 U.S. and Canadian cities have joined the Initiative in order to promote sustainability across the region.

Together, they’re currently focused on stopping invasive species like Asian Carp, reducing contamination from nutrient pollution which causes algal blooms, and thwarting a bevvy of other clean-water challenges.

Let’s wish them a landslide victory in restoring the vitality of our watershed.

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