Jan 21

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An Iconic Waterway

The Erie Canal introduced a new path to the west by connecting Albany to Buffalo.

When old meets new: the Erie Canal glides peacefully underneath a busy overpass. (via Lauren K. Smith)

When old meets new: the Erie Canal glides peacefully beneath a busy overpass. Boats still use the canal, however; that “stop here” sign is to alert sailors of the lock ahead. (via Lauren K. Smith)

When the Erie Canal was built, it linked the Hudson River to Lake Erie, connecting Albany to Buffalo. That introduced a new path to the west and set the stage for increased trade. 

Stewart: “Your other alternative was crossing over the mountains …very laborious, very small units of cargo, and very hard on the people making the trip.”

That’s Richard Stewart of the Great Lakes Maritime Research Institute. He says the canal greatly reduced the cost of shipping, and acted as a conduit for transporting timber, petroleum, agricultural products, and people.

Today trucks take the lead as carriers, but the Erie Canal is enjoying its own comeback… as a recreational and historic resource.

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Listen to Richard Stewart describe the extensive canal system in the Great Lakes region.

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