Jan 18

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Cleveland Grows Its Green Space With People Power

Power to the people…who united to protect hundreds of acres of green space around Cleveland. Get inspired:


In this protected oasis, the ground is carpeted in green grass, and the river has room to relax. (via Derek Schafer)

When the last big plot of open land in Parma, Ohio was slated for development, a group of proactive citizens formed to save the 80-acre stretch of land. And they didn’t stop there!

Derek Schafer of the West Creek Conservancy explains that the group’s vision went well beyond converting those 80 acres into parkland. The broader goal, he explains, was to create a greenway system that would connect some of the most densely populated suburbs of Cleveland.

He says the organization continued adding parcels of land around the region to create a conglomeration of open space. And they made a special effort to protect land around streams and riparian areas.

Today, the West Creek Reservation encompasses over 300 acres, a true testament to the power of collective action in Cleveland.

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Derek Schafer talks about the process of restoring West Creek.

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