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Sep 12

Great Lakes Water on the Move

Lake Erie water is on the move! Listen up: In the Great Lakes, changes in wind and air pressure can spawn what are called seiches. “Imagine water in a sink or a bathtub sloshing back and forth—it bounces off one end, and then it bounces off the other, that’s what we call a seiche, it’s really …

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Sep 12

Lake Erie’s Got the Algal Bloom Blues

This Great Lake has a problem that’s blooming out of control. Jam on this: Lake Erie touches upon Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, and Canada, and provides drinking water to more than 11 million people. But phosphorus from fertilizer and sewage has increased cyanobacteria in the lake. Often called blue-green algae, it can produce toxic …

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Jul 31

Get the Scoop on Too Much Poop

Cow manure in our water is a growing concern. . . Learn more: Farmers that raise livestock end up with a lot of manure, which they often spread on their fields as fertilizer. But in some cases, there’s just too much manure. “There’s so much built up on the ground that it runs off the surface, and …

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