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Dec 27

Cheers to Water-friendly Beers!

Saving water and  flavor is what’s on tap at a few earth-minded breweries. Hop on this: Ever been told that if you want to save water, you should drink ale instead? Unfortunately, there’s not much truth to the joke—a lot of water goes into making beer. “It can vary from about three liters to six …

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Nov 30

Personal Water Conservation

Individual efforts to use water more efficiently can collectively make a big difference.   Transcript of the Audio Podcast: California residents’ efforts to conserve water provide inspiration for all… on this CurrentCast. Many areas of California and the American Southwest are in the midst of one of the worst droughts in recent history. The lengths …

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Sep 08

Enough Water to Go Around

Researchers believe water stress can be alleviated by implementing a variety of strategies. Transcript of the Audio Podcast: Reducing water stress…on this CurrentCast. When less than sixty percent of a region’s water supply is available for at-home use, that region is said to have water stress. One in three people worldwide live with water stress, …

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