Nov 29

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Fishy Business

How much sustainably caught fish comes out of the Great Lakes each year? We cast around for answers—and caught ’em. Listen up:

Throughout history, people have been hooked on fishing the Great Lakes, from Native Americans in birch bark canoes to commercial fishermen in modern boats.

Sunset on Lake Superior

Does it get better than sunset on Lake Superior? (via USFWS/Xmith Xmith)

A century ago, nearly 150 million pounds of fish were netted in the Great Lakes annually. Overfishing took a toll, and some populations nearly disappeared. But the Great Lakes still support more than 170 species, including lake trout, salmon, walleye, perch, white fish, smallmouth bass, and brown trout.

Today, about 50 million pounds of fish are sustainably harvested each year from Great Lakes waters—and the fishing industry reels in billions of dollars through sales and tourism.

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