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May 06

Invasive Grass Threatens Georgian Bay

Pulling Phragmites in Georgian Bay . . . Learn more: Wetlands in Ontario’s Georgian Bay are threatened by an invasive grass called phragmites that outcompetes many native species. “It actually can grow to about 18 feet tall and displace native plants from their aquatic habitat,” explains David Sweetnam of the nonprofit Georgian Bay Forever. He …

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Oct 16

Goats Versus Invasive Reeds

Experts fought a losing battle against an invasive reed choking marshlands on the East coast. Now it’s up to the goats. Transcript of the Audio Podcast: A European invasive grass gets its goat… on this CurrentCast. Phragmites Australis is a tall, invasive reed that is overrunning many Northeast marshlands. Experts battle it by land and …

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