Jan 16

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Trees as Stormwater Managers

A growing solution to stormwater runoff:

via US Forest Service

If you’ve stood under a tree to stay dry during a storm, you know that leaves and branches can slow or even stop raindrops.

Ted Endreny of the State University of New York’s College of Environmental Science and Forestry says in a drizzle…

Endreny: “The canopy can capture nearly all of them.”

Many of those captured raindrops evaporate off the tree leaves. But even the rain that does make its way through the canopy is unlikely to pool or run directly off into storm drains.

Endreny: “If we have a tree, we typically have a permeable soil area.”

That allows water to soak into the ground, passing through roots and organic matter that purify it. So less – and cleaner – stormwater ends up in local rivers.

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Listen to Ted Endreny talk about the many benefits of trees.

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